Rubber For All Trucking Requirements

Brake Vacuum Hose

  • Brake Vacuum Hose is designed to transmit manifold vacuum in automotive power assisted braking systems.

Door Seals

  • The rubber seals are made from a unique composition of E.P.D.M rubber, which has taken years to develop.

Fender Rubber

  • Standard stock lengths are 2 metres but longer lengths can be supplied. We can also cut to specific lengths and drill holes for easy installation.

Fuel Hose

  • Fuel hose is designed to carry automotive fuel and is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -30° C to +100° C.

Fuel Hose - Outer Braided

  • Braided Fuel Hose is designed for use on many European vehicles and motor cycles.

Fuel Injection Hose

  • Fuel Injection Hose is designed to run at higher pressures and temperatures than normal systems.

Heater Hose

  • Heater Hose has been specially developed for vehicle coolant systems and has a safety factor of 3:1. It is suitable for use over a temperature range of -40 degrees C. to +100 degrees C.

Hose Merchandisers

  • These attractive automotive hose merchandisers are designed to increase your sales of hose product.

LPG Vapour Hose

  • LPG Vapour Hose is specifically designed to can vapours from automotive LPG conversions.

Power Steering Return Hose

  • Power Steering Return Hose is designed specifically as low-pressure side return hose for vehicle power steering systems.

Radiator Overflow Tubing

  • Radiator Overflow Tubing is suitable for radiator overflow and header tank applications.

Tank Straps

  • Made from oil and fuel resistant nitrile.
  • Available in 50 metre coils

Transmission Cooler Hose

  • Transmission Cooler Hose is suitable for use with modern automatic transmissions.

Vacuum & Washer Tubing

  • Vacuum and Washer Tubing is designed for use in windscreen washer systems and vacuum operated controls.

Wheel Arch Flares

  • Made from EPDM rubber, rolled to suit wheel arch curves fully ozone and UV stable

Wheel Chocks

  • Made from tough abrasion resistant rubber UV resistant.
  • Chocks can also be supplied with rope or chain for easy handling.


















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